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Keep On Keepin' On

Keep On Keepin' On

With the start of a new month, and having spent the last week of July in a bit of a funk, I am ready to reset and get myself back on track.

For me that means focusing on a few very specific areas:

- Eating healthier throughout the day: some of my days get overrun with meetings and phone calls, and I find myself scrambling for a quick bite in a 20 minute window.  This is NOT an excuse to eat poorly - I work in the downtown core which means I am SURROUNDED by food options, including some amazing food trucks.  Its a matter of choosing the veggie-heavy choice vs. anything greasy.

- Exercise: Its hot.  Its a heat wave.  Do I want to go home and slog through a workout in my muggy home gym? No.  Does that mean I shouldn't work out at all? Definitely not.  I can choose to go hit a class in an (air conditioned) studio, I can go for a walk or a bike ride, I can pop in 30 minutes of yoga.  I mean come one.  I'm a certified instructor.  How can I get past THAT excuse?

- Organization: I live out of my physical dayplanner.  Yes, I know I have an electronic calendar on my phone, and no, that is not going to stop me from writing it all down.  I am a person who needs to write things to cement them in my brain.  That means meetings, appointments and deadlines all committed to my life via terrible penmanship.  There are weeks I let my dayplanner slide, and that is when I start to get chaotic.  This week I've committed to getting myself sorted fully back out in that little gem of stationary goodness.

- Positive Motivation: I start all my days with gratitude, but when I need a reset, I also specifically seek out additional boosts of positive reinforcement.  If you follow me on Insta you will see this in my stories primarily.  I find them, post them and watch them throughout the month as a reminder to me that hey, life is pretty good.

- Spreading the Love: Nothing is a better reset for me than doing kind things for others.  I am a huge proponent of Random Acts of Kindness and when I am in a rut, I ramp this up tenfold.  I will share shoutouts of accounts I love, send cards and notes to friends, and send little gifts to people that I want to send some extra love to.  I feel instantly better doing this - it improves my personal energy in a way that nothing else can.

- READING! And of course - my mainstay of joy - reading.  I make time to allow for uninterrupted reading.  More importantly, I make sure that reading block is dedicated to something I am truly dying to read - maybe I skip a review book that I have coming due to dive into the latest release from my fave thriller author.  Whatever is going to fill me with joy - that's where I go. It never fails.

I am now two days into my new month, and feeling LEAPS and bounds better than last week.  Which means only more good things to come as we crest through the next month of summer.

Tell me - what are your go-to methods when you need a mental reset?


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