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Sock Sunday + Summer Madness!

Sock Sunday + Summer Madness!

Happy #SockSundayfriends! ⁣

Today marks my last Sunday with “no plans” before I dive headfirst into my summer schedule, which, this year, is more outlandish than ever. Of course by no plans I mean, reading outside with my coffee this morning, yoga with one of my besties, brunch, kicking off the #SavvyReadathon with this new one from @marissastapley , our @northernlightsreads book chat at 3:00 pm MST, writing a review for this AMAZING new book from @dervlamctiernan , and trying to get my packing in order because this week is Book Expo and I am zero percent prepared. ⁣

Just a quiet day of nothing on the agenda. 😂⁣

QOTD: Do you guys find your schedules speed up in summer or slow down? Mine become warp speed, jam packed, fun-fests. I love summer. It energizes me and I want to be out doing things, experiencing things and L-I-V-I-N-G. Forget rest, I’ll rest when I’m dead, right now I want to live life with the zest and energy of a squirrel on cocaine. 😂⁣

Have a wonderful Sunday friends! May it be as relaxing or crazy as you had hoped! xx⁣

The View from Alameda Island  by Robyn Carr

The View from Alameda Island by Robyn Carr

Magnolia Reads: June Most Anticipated TBR!

Magnolia Reads: June Most Anticipated TBR!