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Meeting Your Heroes

Meeting Your Heroes

This past Tuesday I was super excited to head to another @harpercollinsca Killer Crime Club event, this time with both @marykubica AND @ajfinnbooks speaking.

As a blogger who is very active on Instagram and Twitter, I had been lucky enough to have “met” Mary already, and found her to be lovely, funny and wonderful to chat with. Add that to her being one of my auto-buy authors, who I have read every book from, getting the chance to meet her in person was a HUGE deal to me (I assume me getting excited to meet authors in person is similar to what normal humans feel when they run into athletes and movie stars).

I was also very, VERY excited to meet the man behind The Woman in the Window, as that was my first amazing read of the year, and I have been actively following the news of the rights being sold for a movie!

But everyone says don’t meet your heroes - that you will always be disappointed with them in person. I am here to tell you, that in this case at least, that is a complete load of baloney.

I got to learn very cool things about both of them, for instance, AJ Finn is a pen name, and Daniel was alone in an airport when he found out his books movie rights had been bought. Mary is an avid runner, who knew the end of When The Lights Go Out when she started the story, and worked backwards. Both of them are hilarious. Both of them are charming, kind and wildly entertaining. And most importantly, both of them made the event a complete pleasure to attend.

Things like this make my little bookworm heart happy - I love getting to meet the people behind the books I love, it makes the experience of that story even better. I love being able to tell someone that their work completely shocked me, kept me up late into the night, made me laugh or cry, and now lives in a little corner of my bookish heart. I hope they love that experience too.

I have had people ask me how I find out about these events, and the easiest way is to be connected with both publishing house newsletters (for example, I got ahold of this event because I subscribe to everything Harper Collins Canada ever writes), and also to be connected with your local libraries and bookstores. They are often the hosts of these events, and this is such a cool way to support those venues. This event was held in the Calgary Memorial Park Library, which I must say, is a stunning venue that I look forward to visiting again!

My other favorite part of bookish events? Spoiling myself with dinner out beforehand. What better way to get prepped to meet my heroes than by enjoying my latest read while also enjoying some wine and delicious eats at @tenfoothenry - which is just a gorgeous, and also has one of the most delightful menus I’ve encountered recently. If you are in that area, you should stop in and give their menu a whirl.

What are you guys reading this week? I am LOVING all the amazing books being published right now - I can barely keep up!

Happy Saturday! 😉😘



Mindfulness Matters by Pax Tandon

Mindfulness Matters by Pax Tandon