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I Know You Know by Gilly MacMillan

I Know You Know by Gilly MacMillan

Long weekend Monday - the perfect day for reading, coffee, and catching up on bookish things! šŸ“–ā˜•ļø

Thank you @harpercollinsca for the advanced copy of this one - Iā€™m not sure I could have stood the excitement of waiting for it! ā˜•ļø

I am a HUGE fan of @gillymacmillan - I love her work, and I can also tell you what a lovely and wonderful human she is. I was lucky enough to meet her at an event last year, and she was so gracious and kind and exactly what you hope your favorite author will be like. ā˜•ļø

When she announced the news, I was stoked to hear there was a new book coming, and honestly, it was worth the wait. I devoured this book in a day, staying up wellllll past my bedtime to finish; it was the perfect mix of twists and turns with a sprinkle of love-to-hate them characters. ā˜•ļø

I Know You Know moves between the past and present as Cody Swift embarks on an investigation into the murder of his two best friends twenty years prior, and his search to understand whether the police convicted the right man. Things become further complicated when another body is found at the same site his friends were left for dead, and the new investigation begins to collide with what happened so many years before. ā˜•ļø

Using podcast style episodes and flashing back to what happened during the original investigation made for the perfect method to unveil details and twists that left me guessing, LITERALLY to the last pages. I adore a book that can keep me off balance, and I could not get my head wrapped around where this story was going - making it an IDEAL read for me. ā˜•ļø

I loved that Gilly used multiple perspectives to tell this story - and as always, I loved even more that none of the characters were the people that they seemed off the get go.  It was easy to assign the various characters into categories - detective, neglectful mom, innocent victim, villain - only to have things turn on the head the deeper you get into the plot.  Just when I thought I was getting my bearings on what would happen next, I would be thrown for a complete loop.  ā˜•ļø

This is one of those perfectly paced, never gets slow, can't put it down books that was exactly what I needed to start my month off - while mysteries can sometimes be predictable, this one is anything BUT. ā˜•ļø

I Know You Know is out September 18th and honestly, it should be on your fall reading lists if your looking for a unique spin on a murder mystery! There will be much to debate as bookworms everywhere get to fall head first into this one. ā˜•ļø

Happy Monday my friends!

Leave No Trace by Mindy Mejia

Leave No Trace by Mindy Mejia

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