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Book Clubs

Book Clubs

I am a very avid reader all on my own, but nonetheless I belong to 3 different book clubs, and I am always looking for more clubs that I could join.

I manage to juggle these commitments largely because two of the three clubs are online group reads - which means I can read at my pace, and join in on the chats when it works for my schedule.  I genuinely love this format because I never feel pressured to partake in a month of reading when I might have an otherwise overwhelming to-read pile.

I also love this format because the online book chats really create a space for extensive and diverse dialogue about the book.  Unlike chatting about a book with an in-person group, where you need to take turns to talk and usually follow one line of discussion at a time, online chats let me bounce back and forth between different conversations on different topic points as quickly as I want to.  I find that I feel like I end up discussing the book really thoroughly with online chats, and often get to hear such a range of opinions and perspectives on the story that I never would have considered myself.

I also get to constantly meet and chat with other bookworms from all over the world, and that is REALLY cool.  There is nothing I love to talk about more than books I am reading, or have read, and so to continuously connect and grow my friend network with other readers is something that I LOVE to do.

Of course, my in person book club has massive perks of its own - first and foremost, I read with a group of my best girlfriends, which on its own makes that club my favorite.  We decide on books as a group, moving genres and topics month to month.  Its a fairly democratic process, which means everyone gets a shot of their preferred genre on regular rotation.

The second perk is clearly the fact that we drink alot of wine at our meetings - you could venture to say we are really more of a wine club and sometimes we talk about the book. 😂😂

The common theme between all these book clubs is that I am often pushed out of my comfort zone when it comes to the books that we read, and THAT is awesome.  Often, when I see an upcoming read, I realize that it isn't something I ever would have chosen for myself off a bookstore shelf, and I really enjoy pushing my reading boundaries in this way.

Of course, that does mean that it can be hit and miss for whether I love the books or not, but even when the book isn't a 100% win for me, I still appreciate that I've read something outside of my regular picks.  I think of it as my own personal game of reading roulette. 

I would absolutely recommend that if you are a reading junkie, you should consider getting into (or starting your own!) book club - the friendships you make and the new books you discover will make it well worth the time you invest. 

If you are interested in joining either of the two online book clubs that I read with, feel free to come read with us anytime!  Both are hosted on Instagram and can be found at:



Happy reading!!!


The Bankers Wife by Cristina Alger

The Bankers Wife by Cristina Alger