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Blog Tour Stop! The Reunion by Guillaume Musso

Blog Tour Stop! The Reunion by Guillaume Musso

A prestigious campus frozen under the snow. Three friends bound by a tragic secret. A girl carried away by the night.

When I was asked to be on this blog tour, it was that opening line of the synopsis that had me screaming YES PLEASE SIGN ME UP to my computer screen while I frantically tried to reply. Let me tell you, I love, LOVE an intense mystery thriller and this book had “get ready for a ride” written all over it.

I was not wrong.

Here is this absolute magician of an author from France, who I hadn’t heard of, and who is now ranking up there on my must-read everything they write list.

Book Synopsis:


On a freezing night, as her high school campus is engulfed by a snowstorm, 19-year-old Vinca Rockwell runs away with Alexis, her philosophy teacher.

No one will ever see them again.

Formerly inseparable, Thomas, Maxime and Fanny - Vinca's best friends - have not spoken in twenty-five years. But when they receive an invitation to their school's anniversary reunion, they know they must go back one final time.

Because there is a body buried in that building...

...and they're the ones who put it there.

First off - the things I loved about this book:

  • Brilliantly atmospheric - the French Riviera? Um yes, please.

  • Plot twists galore! Every time I was hit with another one, I became completely convinced I had the story figured out. Spoiler alert: I didn’t.

  • Complex and dark characters - I think I suspected every single character at least once in the course of this reading. THAT is good writing. That you can make everyone a suspect, and yet, everyone pretty likable at the same time.

  • A past/present telling - I love a book that moves between timelines, especially when it does it as well as this one does for teasing out hints of what is coming, but without actually telling you a damn thing.

My only complaint with this one? It does a BIT too much label name dropping for me….it got to the point where it was nearly distracting. But then I remembered that the French Riviera is fabulous and therefore name dropping is permitted.

Overall, I loved this book. This book is ripe with suspense and tension, dripping with secrets page after page. It was a delicious summer read that I devoured in one beautifully warm afternoon, lounging in the sun and so completely engrossed in the story that I forgot to change positions enough times and ended up with a bookworm tan line - which is to say there is a tan line of me holding my book above my stomach. A small price to pay for such a terrific read.

You all know that I don’t offer any spoilers to thrillers, because we all love our thrillers without expectation, but I can promise you that this is a worthwhile addition to that summer TBR you are building. The exact right kind of book for getting lost by the pool, with a frosty, fruity beverage and nowhere to be, but on a date with your read.

Happy Friday friends! I hope your summer reading lists are growing and growing!

And many thanks to Compulsive Readers for having me on this tour! Be sure to check out some of the other posts for more insight into this one!

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