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Blog Tour Stop! Between the Regions of Kindness by Alice Jolly

Blog Tour Stop! Between the Regions of Kindness by Alice Jolly

I’m so pleased to be today’s stop on the blog tour for this lovely new book by the remarkably talented Alice Jolly!

This is a story grounded firmly in kindness - and kindness in the face of all that life brings us. Kindness in the good and the bad; in the face of life and death, love and grief. Kindness in all of it’s purest forms.

When I started this book, I was fully blown away by how strong the book starts off, diving head first into the realities of shock and the impacts rippling out all around you. To say this story is impactful would be woefully underselling it - it hit me right in the heart from Chapter One, and never relented.

I love that this story moved between past and present, bringing the story out in small pieces, and letting the characters develop and move in ways I could not predict. These were characters that embed themselves in your heart, you cannot help but relate to them, empathize for them, wish for their happy endings. A book with this many characters through several generations ran the risk of losing me, but instead it had me so fully invested in these people, this family, and their lives.

Alice has such a tremendous talent and bringing these characters to life and drawing you into their world, that I would defy any reader to not fall in love with this book. I hesitate to say to much about the plot because it truly deserves to unfold without expectation for the reader, but I will say that I loved it from start to finish and could not recommend it more. This is a book that needs to be on all of the summer TBR piles - the perfect companion to long summer days and cool, refreshing beverages.

I cannot wait to see what comes next from Alice! Be sure to check below and pop over to the other blog tour stops for this one! Thank you Anne, at Random Things Tours for inviting me along for the beauty of this story.

Book Synopis:

Coventry, 1941. The morning after one of the worst nights of the Blitz. Twenty-two-year-old Rose enters the remains of a bombed house to find her best friend dead. Shocked and confused, she makes a split-second decision that will reverberate for generations to come.

More than fifty years later, in modern-day Brighton, Rose’s granddaughter Lara waits for the return of her eighteen-year-old son Jay. Reckless and idealistic, he has gone to Iraq to stand on a conflict line as an unarmed witness to peace.

Lara holds her parents, Mollie and Rufus, partly responsible for Jay’s departure. But in her attempts to explain their thwarted passions, she finds all her assumptions about her own life are called into question.

Then into this damaged family come two strangers – Oliver, a former faith healer, and Jemmy, a young woman devastated by the loss of a baby. Together they help to establish a partial peace – but at what cost?

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The View from Alameda Island by Robyn Carr

The View from Alameda Island by Robyn Carr

Reading Outside Season is OPEN!

Reading Outside Season is OPEN!