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Ghosted by Rosie Walsh

Ghosted by Rosie Walsh

Many weeks ago I was lucky enough to receive an ARC of this to review for @penguinrandomhouse & I fell completely head over heels for this book. COMPLETELY. So much so that this book became the August pick for my IRL book club, That’s What She Read. Tonight I will get to sit down and chat with my gf’s about this book over several bottles of wine and I cannot WAIT to hear what they think. 🎊💕

If you haven’t gotten this one on your pile yet y’all are missing out and need to fix that. This book is magnificent. A complete joy to read, mixing mystery, suspense, a love story and a character drama all into one un-put-downable read. 💕

Synopsis: Sarah falls in love with Eddie over seven perfect days that they spend together, before he has to leave on a vacation. He promises to call her and that he will see her when he gets back, and Sarah knows that she has finally found The One.

Until he doesn't call. Or return her messages. He has disappeared entirely, and Sarah is determined to understand why. 💞

I absolutely LOVE this book - it felt so fresh and unique in unraveling a love story that was as complex as all relationships tend to be. The perspective of being "ghosted" is so relevant in today's society, and to see that play out between two characters, with the desperation that it would ignite in the person left behind felt so genuine and raw. I felt completely devastated for Sarah as she worked to understand why.

How @therosiewalsh also managed to weave in a complex mystery without losing any of the intimacy of the characters themselves is amazing. The twists and turns of this story just kept coming, and surprised me completely each time. I really thought I would get a handle on where the story was going, only to be proven wrong again and again. 

Every single character in this story is so terrifically human and well developed, that I felt like I was watching things unfold with people I had known my whole life. I think I ran every gambit of emotion with this one - pure joy, devastating heartbreak, confusion, and sadness. It is rare to find a book that manages to capture me as a reader so completely. 

I cannot WAIT to share this book with my friends.  If you need something refreshing to read to bring in this new season, then get this gorgeous book on your piles. This is the one. I promise. 💕

Also - if you need gorgeous bookmarks, these two are the works of @bookartbookmarks & @bibliophile.belle - go check out their shops and support these wonderful humans while also getting yourself awesome bookish accessories. 😊💕💕💕

Happy humpday!!!! 💞

Beautiful Book Covers

Beautiful Book Covers

The Innocent Wife by Amy Lloyd

The Innocent Wife by Amy Lloyd