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The White Devil by Domenic Stansberry

The White Devil by Domenic Stansberry

I am VERY excited to be a stop on the blog tour for The White Devil by Domenic Stansberry - this is one of those books that have serendipitously landed on my to-read pile, and which I am so happy it did, because it is a dark, twisty, marvel.  Many thanks to Orion Books for bringing this piece of work into my world. #partner #freebook

A psychological noir set in the shadowy streets of Rome. With echoes of The Talented Mr Ripley and The Flamethrowers - and just a touch of Hitchcock.


Vittoria, as she's known in Italy, is a small-time actress who left behind a dark past in her native Texas and followed her fading writer husband to the Eternal City. 

Guided by her controlling brother Johnny, Vittoria soon enters the upper circles of Roman society, mingling with shady cardinals and corrupt senators. Among them is Paolo Orsini, who quickly falls prey to Vittoria's charms. Too bad he's married; too bad his wife, an aging film icon, is murdered.

From the ravishing beauty of Rome to the pristine beaches of Malibu, Vittoria finds herself at the heart of a lethal chase, spiraling dangerously out of control...


My friends - this book is something special.  It pays homage to the play The White Devil by John Webster - and feels like your deeply entwined in a dark 1950's noir film. 

Set largely in Rome, the story follows Vittoria and her brother as suspects in a series of murders that seem to follow them wherever they go. Don't for one minute think that this is a standard crime whodunit - its not anything of the sort.  Domenic Stansberry has re imagined the crime genre entirely with this book, making it sexier, more sinister, smoldering, and tense.  

I could not put this book down - the story moves along at the perfect pace, and has the most wonderfully flawed lead characters - unreliable, untrustworthy and somehow, completely delightful nonetheless.  Domenic slowly unravels Vittoria and Johnny's backstory, chapter by chapter, in a way that has you simultaneously horrified and curious at what could be coming next.  I was completely absorbed by this story, and I was desperate to find out what had happened, and who had done it.

Domenic writes so gorgeously that you feel like you are IN Rome - all I wanted to do while reading this was find an outdoor cafe to sit at, while sipping wine and wearing oversized sunglasses.  He manages to bring Rome to life as a character in itself - I will absolutely be taking this to read when I travel over there, there could not be a better pairing.

This book is truly something unique, delicious and intoxicating.  If you love a crime and drama, with a splash of high society, then make a point of getting a copy of this onto your to-read list ASAP.

Feel free to pop over to my blog tour mates pages to read more on this wickedly wonderful book!

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