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July To-Read Pile

July To-Read Pile

I am so grateful to have the opportunity to continue to work with awesome authors and publishers from around the world when it comes to promoting new work. #partner #freebook

This month, these are just a few of the great new reads that I have on my #tbrpile. Clearly, this is going to be a GREAT month of reading for me.  Plus - a bonus for all you blog readers - stay tuned to my Instagram feed, because I will be hosting a giveaway for one of these amazing books in July. 

This is also the perfect time to chat about one of the most sensitive and timely subjects in the book reviewing world right now - the issue of sharing ARC's illegally.  

An ARC is an "Advanced Reader Copy" - which means that it is a draft which may contain errors, and is subject to change before being formally published.  Authors and publishers use these to generate buzz in the book world ahead of a publication date.  Book reviewers of all types are sent copies so they can advance read the book and then share reviews to their blogs, newspapers, Instagram feeds, Goodreads, and book retailer sites like Amazon, Chapters and Barnes & Noble.  This is really important work, and can help boost book sales when the books are released into the wild.  This is especially important on sites like Amazon, where the algorithms are often based on reviews and engagement - it can make a huge difference on how those titles are shown during searches.

As you can imagine, for authors, generating buzz that equates into book sales is an important piece of their publishing process.  But here is where it start to go wrong - there are people out there who will request to be sent ARC's and then turn around and sell them on sites like EBay.

I want to be clear here - it is ILLEGAL to sell an ARC for profit. This is clearly outlined by the publisher and its always stated ON the ARC itself.

Which makes this practice a disgusting one to partake in.  Often these sellers will (proudly) state that they haven't even reviewed the book ahead of trying to sell it to others.  The only person in this entire interaction who is benefiting from this is the EBay seller - the author does not see one dime from this practice, which is horrible when you consider this is their personal livelihood.

There are ways to battle back against this.  First and foremost, if you see someone promoting the sale of an ARC, DO NOT BUY IT.  I know it can be tempting when its a book or author you really love, but remember that you are causing more harm than good.  There are many ways to engage and get your very own legal copy of an ARC, including signing up for sites like NetGalley and Edelweiss.

Second - please report these sellers to the EBay and Amazon desks and request they be taken down.  There has been success on this, and its one of the most effective ways to halt the flow of illegally shared goods.

Finally, please keep spreading the message about why its uncool to take part in this practice.  When you see these conversations pop up on platforms like Twitter, engage and educate. 

Book reviewers do not (as a rule) get paid for our work to review - we do this because we love books and reading and want to support authors in their success.  Let's extend our work on supporting authors by also fighting against stealing their hard work in every way we can.  That hard work is the heartbeat to the reading community.

Have a wonderful Saturday friends! 



You Were Always Mine by Nicole Baart

You Were Always Mine by Nicole Baart