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Blog Tour Stop! Just One Bite by Jack Heath

Blog Tour Stop! Just One Bite by Jack Heath

Many thanks to Harlequin Trade Publishing for inviting me to take part in this awesome blog tour for Just One Bite!

Well friends, I have a summer reading recommendation here you are NOT going to want to miss! Jack Heath has done it again, with another incredible installment in the Timothy Blake series!

I had really high hopes for this one, with how much I LOVED Hangman last year, and I wasn’t disappointed!

Timothy Blake’s character just keeps getting better - I love a character who is flawed and more importantly, unpredictable. It’s this unpredictable nature that totally keeps me on my toes and guessing, and honestly, that is like a breath of fresh air. I never thought I would find myself liking and rooting for a cannibal but HERE WE ARE.

This one is certainly more gruesome (which I loved) and took some twists that I never saw coming (which I love), and kept me up well into the night devouring chapter after chapter (which I love). Basically this book is pure perfection for me as a reader, and if you are looking for something a little different to refresh your reading palate, I could NOT suggest that you give this series a try. Quite frankly just when I thought I couldn’t be surprised as a reader, Jack Heath came along and proved me very, very wrong.

You guys know that I refuse to share spoilers in my reviews, or hint at spoilers, so instead you get this: grab this book, grab a frosty cocktail and find a bright sunny spot to read, and be FULLY prepared to spend the next several hours of your life completely sucked into a book that you won’t be able to stop reading. Then come over here so we can discuss how bad of people we are for loving a cannibal.

I cannot WAIT to see what comes next!

Book Synopsis:

The shocking, fast-paced and queasily funny follow-up to Jack Heath’s international bestselling thriller, Hangman

Timothy Blake, a former consultant for the FBI, now moonlights in body disposal for a local crime lord. One night he stumbles across a body he wasn’t supposed to find. When the FBI calls Blake back in to investigate the man’s disappearance, Blake is the only one who knows the man is dead and in his freezer.

Then another man goes missing. And another. And another.

There’s a serial killer in Houston, and Blake is the only one who knows it for sure. As they hunt the killer together, his handler, FBI agent Reese Thistle, starts to warm to Blake—but she also gets closer and closer to discovering his own gruesome secret. This is cause for anxiety for the criminal kingpin who employs Blake. It would be better to murder Blake than to risk exposure.

Can Blake uncover the killer, without exposing himself?

Blog Tour Stop! Your Deepest Fear by David Jackson

Blog Tour Stop! Your Deepest Fear by David Jackson

The View from Alameda Island  by Robyn Carr

The View from Alameda Island by Robyn Carr