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Red Snow by Will Dean

Red Snow by Will Dean

Let’s talk reading highlights. ☕️

One of the absolute highlights of my month was getting to advance read Red Snow by @willrdean which is the second book in his Tuva Moodyson series. From the minute he announced there was a second book coming I was DYING to get my hands on it, because his first book, Dark Pines, was a book that just smacked me in the head with instant love. Will’s writing and storytelling style just click for me as a reader. I can’t explain in, it’s just book magic. ❄️

I actively forced myself not to rush through this one (although I didn’t want to put it down) and in turn in lived up to and exceeded my every expectation. Another unique and bizarre mystery, channeling the brutal freeze of a Swedish forest winter, and even more wildly eccentric, creepy characters. It was sinister, atmospheric, chilling and exactly what I had hoped for. ❄️

Red Snow picks up shortly after the events of Dark Pines - Tuva is finally on her way out of town for a better job in a bigger city, she just has to wrap up the last week in her current gig. But nothing is ever simple for Tuva, and suddenly she has not one, but two dead bodies on her hands - one that appears to be suicide and one that is decidedly not. ❄️

Yet again, Will has managed to create this insanely intense atmosphere that jumps off the pages and sucks you right in - I could actively understand the type of cold Tuva was talking about (and not just because I’m Canadian and that’s a pretty mild winter for us…..😂). I could actively smell and taste the food (although in the case of David’s cooking, this wasn’t necessarily a win - I’m with Tuva on passing on his strange concoctions). And best of all, I felt like I could know the characters that make up the center of this story, Will can make a character come to life with his vivid descriptions. ❄️

Speaking of characters, I was thrilled to see the return of a few fan favorites from Dark Pines, specifically the wood carving sisters. I was even more excited to be introduced into a whole new group of eccentric, bizarre, complex, broken and hilarious characters this time around. Just when I think nothing could surprise me, Will somehow manages to make his characters more nuts in the most endearing way. ❄️

I also loved a second round with Tuva, it was fun to get to know her as a character on an even deeper level. Tuva is a complicated and flawed character from the word go, which of course is my very favorite kind, and watching her wrestle with leaving a town she has, against all odds, grown fond of made her all the more relatable. I don’t know that I would ever get tired of reading stories of where Tuva heads next - mostly because shes is always attracting the weirdos. 😂

This gem isn’t out until January 2019, but the verdict is in: it’s worth the impatient waiting. ❄️

Now. I am off to partake in my FAVOURITE kind of Sunday. Quiet morning, my @peonyandmoss reading socks (use CANDICE10 to get a discount on your own pair!), coffee, and some more amazing books that are being released this week, so stay tuned! ❄️

Happy #socksunday friends! ❤️

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