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Book Review: The Butterfly Girl by Rene Denfeld

Book Review: The Butterfly Girl by Rene Denfeld

Book Review Time!

One thing that DOES make me crazy about summer is it seems like I have less time....specifically to review and scream about SENSATIONAL, REMARKABLE, HEART BREAKING, STUNNING, ELEGANT, HAUNTING books like the absolute new wonder of a story from the tremendous @rdenfeld - truly one of the most gifted authors of our generation.

The Butterfly Girl y’all. I read this mere MOMENTS after getting it (cut to, like, 3 months ago) and it’s actually taken me this long to feel like I have some of the words to describe how phenomenal this story is. 3 months. To let it sink in. For real.

I fell insanely in love with the character of Naomi in The Child Finder, my first meeting with Rene’s work. Anyone who has read anything by Rene knows that she is a master at taking the most brutal, dark, disturbing pieces of humanity and then weaving the most beautifully written, poetic, stunning words around them, which in turn break your heart ALL THE WAY open.

The Butterfly Girl does this. Over and over and over.

This story follows Naomi on the quest to find her long lost sister - a sister whose fate has taken her down the darkest paths. Whose future depends on someone finding her and savings her from the worst of what the world has to offer.

It’s a story of family, given + chosen; of hope + desperation; brutality + love; devastation + redemption. It is perfect. It is magic.

This book is out in October and for the love of god, if you are pre-ordering any book for your fall TBR, let this be it. Get this on your pile, lean into the darkness to make you value the light. Let Rene break your heart and mend it with hope.

You’ll never regret it.

Happy #socksunday friends - and THANK YOU to @rdenfeld for another stunning chapter of Naomi’s story, and to @harpercollinsca for sharing it with me early. You made my summer, and my fall as I read it again. xx

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