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Blog Tour Stop! Lake Child by Isabel Ashdown

Blog Tour Stop! Lake Child by Isabel Ashdown

So here lies a book that I started reading and was ENTIRELY CONFUSED BY for a solid 5 chapters. I considered giving up. I considered that maybe I just wasn’t getting it. But I was really intrigued by the synopsis of it, and so I kept going.

Whoa man, am I glad I did.

Now here lies a book that I could barely put down, even though I was super busy with work, and it meant staying up REALLY LATE several nights in a row to finish. Here lies a book that was confusing at times, but in the BEST WAY, because it kept me guessing, wondering, imagining, assuming. Here lies a book that griped me in its clutches and when I thought we were getting to a reveal, twisted itself away into a brand new direction.

Here lies a book…..

Lake Child is unique, tense, gripping, challenging, atmospheric, and sensationally unpredictable. Oh god how I ended up loving this book. I have no idea how authors like Isabel Ashdown come up with stories like this, but I hope she never, ever stops writing them.

Book Synopsis:

You trust your family. They love you. Don't they?

When 17-year-old Eva Olsen awakes after a horrific accident that has left her bedbound, her parents are right by her side. Devoted, they watch over her night and day in the attic room of their family home in the forests of Norway.

But the accident has left Eva without her most recent memories, and not everything is as it seems. As secrets from the night of the accident begin to surface, Eva realises - she has to escape her parents' house and discover the truth. But what if someone doesn't want her to find it?

An edge-of-your-seat, atmospheric psychological thriller for fans of Lucy Clarke and Erin Kelly.

Because the book starts as being told from Eva’s point of view, and after a few chapters to get myself acquainted with her voice, it all came together - of course this story should feel confusing, you would BE CONFUSED if you woke up from a coma, with amnesia and a subtle sense of something being n o t e x a c t l y r i g h t. If anything, I came to appreciate how Isabel wrote Eva, leaving her to truly, slowly, honestly, pull out of the confusion on her own time (as frustrating as that sometimes was and even though it meant I yelled at my book more than once).

And then the added layer of mystery - a second voice, a parallel story, that is BOUND to intersect, but HOW?!?! As much as I would love to dive into this piece more, I don’t want to spoil anything at all, and this particular story needs to tell itself.

While there was so much to love about this book, the piece I loved above all else was the pure drama of the writing really dragging me into the sense of Eva’s world - the attic where she is being kept was so vivid in my mind, I felt nearly claustrophobic at points, and wanted to break out of the space just as desperately as Eva did. Any author who can capture me into a setting that intensely has won my undying reading loyalty for life. And makes me highly suspicious of all attics.

I loved how the twists unwound the story at a deliciously leisurely pace, completely uncaring about the fact that I WANTED ANSWERS AND I WANTED THEM NOW. Like I said - it kept me up more than one night in a row.

As with all thrillers, no one wants a spoiler, so what you need to know is this story is going to drag you into its depths and hold you there until the very last pages - and that my friends, makes it the perfect kind of reading as the seasons change and we head into the spookiest month of all. Get this book. Make your October a little more suspenseful.

Many, many thanks to Compulsive Readers for inviting me on this tour - this one will be on my fan favorite shelf for QUITE some time to come!

Be sure to check out some of the other stops on this tour as well, for more thoughts on this delightfully intense read!

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