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Warm Transfer by Laura Holtz

Warm Transfer by Laura Holtz

β€œA warm transfer is the act of a customer service representative remaining on the line with their caller until that caller is successfully transferred to another agent. 

Metaphorically speaking, a warm transfer happens any time we help others find safe passage to their destination.” πŸ’™

Many, many thanks to the team at @smithpublicity for the copy of this wonderful book. 

This is a stunner of a story - which follows Tamsen, a women who has 2 wonderful children, an affluent life, and an abusive husband that she is separated from, but being pressured every day to return to.  Tamsen is struggling with being separated and the reality that her life will become very different should she be cut off from her husband's financial support, not to mention the impact a divorce will have on her children. It isn't until she meets a young music teacher she hires to work with her son, that she begins to find her inner source of strength and rediscover the woman she was, and that she could be.

I could not describe this book with just one word - it is equal parts heartbreaking, lovely and hopeful. Watching Tamsen suffer so horribly by the verbal and emotional abuse piled on her from her husband, Victor, was devastating. But by equal measure, seeing her find strength to push through and discover herself again was like having your heart bloom into a million petals of joy.  I felt like I was cheering along quietly for a friend - Tamsen is a lovely and broken character who you wish desperately you could hug and encourage to keep moving forward. Laura Holtz does amazing work letting you see the real person, all the deepest parts, of Tamsen, which makes it so much easier to connect with her and want to see her win in this story.

The piece I love the most about this book is the gentle, compassionate and thoughtful way that abusive relationships are explored. @lauraholtzofficial did a remarkable job of sharing the darkest side of a marriage and how perfectly hidden that can stay. I also LOVED that this book is centered around an affluent couple, reminding us that abuse does not discriminate based on race, gender or social standing.  This is so, so important for us as a society to learn - that just because someone might appear to have it all, it does not mean that they are happy, or even safe, in their own lives. 

Having done work in my day to day life with women who come from abusive relationships, I can promise you that so many women have become masters at putting on a good front for the world and are breaking inside.  It has been so important in this work to remember that appearances are deceiving and to ensure that we are approaching each case with empathy and reserving all judgement - it can be a near impossible feat for abusive women to share what is happening in their lives, and it can be devastating if they are met with judgement or shaming.  I loved that this book looked honestly at what it would be like for someone who is in an abusive relationship to explore the intricacies of how sharing that information with others (therapists, friends, loved ones) would be this complex path and not just this easy thing to do.  So much of this book resonated with me so perfectly, because it came from a place of humanity.

There is MUCH to be said about this book, but the most incredible part of this book is that for each copy sold, 10% is donated to RAINN - a leading anti-sexual violence organization, and if that is not a reason to support a piece of beautiful work, I don’t know what is. πŸ’™

This is a book that I think should be widely read and shared, sometimes the books we need most are the ones that are the most human.  Order your copy of this today my friends, and let your heart be broken wide open. πŸ’™

Happy Monday! πŸ’™πŸ’™πŸ’™

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