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May HealthTeaBookCrate Unboxing!

May HealthTeaBookCrate Unboxing!

My obsession with @healthteabookcrate is real. Honestly I cannot get enough of these crates - month after month they just get BETTER. ⁣

This month I have been behind on my unboxing - between Book Expo and life and upcoming travel, this was patiently awaiting me to pay attention to it on my desk for far too long. But it’s like the best gifts - I know it will be amazing and I kind of want to savour it. Today was the day though, and of COURSE, I was beyond excited for all the new products to land in my orbit.

Let’s recap shall we? ⁣
🍃 The Seven or Eight Deaths of Stella Fortuna by @julietgrames ⁣

🍃 A Recipe Book to accompany the story! ⁣

🍃 Evening Tisane Tea from @wightteaco ⁣

🍃 A beautiful, bookish tea mug from @pcbhome ⁣

🍃 Unwind Tub Tea (for humans!) by @ceeceeandbeeapothecary 

🍃 A lovely and whimsical little air terrarium⁣!

🍃 Beautiful quote bookmarks from HealthTea!

Truly friends, this is a subscription box that is worth the investment - and full disclosure I do NOT get paid to promote these boxes - I genuinely love them + share them because I believe in their value (although I would not be opposed to being an ambassador for the @healthteabookcrate team 😉). ⁣

QOTD: If you could curate your perfect subscription box, what would be inside? ⁣

Alright! I am off to enjoy some of my new tea and continue my work on organizing my bookish life. I hope y’all are having an amazing week xx⁣



The Shaman of Turtle Valley by Clifford Garstang

The Shaman of Turtle Valley by Clifford Garstang