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The Winters by Lisa Gabriele

The Winters by Lisa Gabriele

This has been a HELL OF A WEEK for amazing books. ❤️

This gorgeous book released yesterday, and I can say that I am very happy that @prose_and_palate & I did a buddy read of Rebecca last week, because it meant getting to enjoy this story with a much deeper appreciation, but you by no means need to have read the classic version to love this re-imagining of the tale.

@lisagabrieletv writes with the most gorgeous flair, has an uncanny ability to write interesting, haunting characters, and manages to draw together an unstoppable thriller - while making it look easy. I am MASSIVE fan of this book and I think every book lover could enjoy this one - not to mention, it’s a TERRIFIC October read. And if pairs REALLY well with red wine.

This book is MAGNIFICENT.

After a whirlwind romance, a young woman finds herself moving into the opulent mansion of her new fiancé, Max Winter, a state senator with a troubled teenage daughter. This new life of luxury comes with a cost however, as she finds herself haunted at every turn by the ghost of Max's first wife, Rebekah, a woman so stunning, poised and capable, that it seems impossible her tragic death could have happened at all. Trying desperately to find her place within this new family, the soon to be second Mrs. Winters finds herself digging up old secrets that were never meant to be found.

I was literally unable to set this book down, and read well into the night to see where Lisa took the story - which is saying a lot as someone who is well versed in the original version of this. The work done to create a tense and unrelenting atmosphere makes the Asherley estate as much of a character to this story as the humans themselves. I loved the complexity of the characters and the fact that Lisa made it impossible to nail anyone of them down - you could suspect all you wanted but you were never quite sure who was telling the truth and who was playing an increasingly dangerous game of cat and mouse.

If you are looking for something suspenseful this fall, that will keep the pages turning and the guesses coming, then this is the book for you!

Thank you for this lovely advance copy @doubledayca - I adored it. You have made my reading slump a thing of the past! ❤️

QOTD: Do you like retellings of classic stories? I am so into them this year - they are hitting it out of the park for me as a reader! ❤️

Happy Wednesday friends! ❤️

Jasper Dark Sky Festival

Jasper Dark Sky Festival

You Were Always Mine by Nicole Baart

You Were Always Mine by Nicole Baart