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It’s Time to Retire the “Sunday Scaries”

It’s Time to Retire the “Sunday Scaries”

Real talk.  


There is a trend picking up steam lately that has been driving me a little crazy – the “Sunday Scaries” / “I Hate That It’s Monday” vibe.  GUYS.  This is just…….not ok.  It’s such a negative, limiting, broken place to be spending so much time in, and I just DO NOT understand it.  WHY are we putting ourselves in a mental space that is setting us up to be unhappy?  WHY are we promoting this like it’s completely fine?  It is not completely fine to plan to be miserable. 


Because friends – THIS IS YOUR LIFE, happening, right now, all around you.  This is it.  Every day you get here, that’s it.  That’s the day.  There isn’t some magical corner to turn where if you don’t like a week you can back on up and redo it, take it back, have it to live again. We get one shot to live and truly, all the days (Mondays included) should be something to be embraced, tackled, loved, enjoyed, savored, and devoured.


It’s not like Mondays are going anywhere.  You are living a life where you are prepared to hate, by some predetermined plan, 14% of your week, every week.  WHY?!?!? You are wasting away huge parts of your Sunday dreading that Monday is coming.  You are waking up prepared to be in a bad mood because it’s Monday.  And I DO. NOT. GET. IT.  Where is the benefit to dreading a weekday?  If you step back and reflect on your Sunday Scaries, what are you truly getting from this phenomenon? Does it make you happier, better, or stronger?  Does it create positivity in your life?  Do you walk away from it feeling fulfilled and satisfied?  


I sincerely doubt it.  I doubt that it does anything for you other than reinforce that you are upset, depressed, bummed out, and sad that your weekend is “already over”. You are now wasting one entire day of your weekend not being present in it, because you are fabricating the idea for yourself that the next day is going to suck.  Suddenly this phenomenon is costing you almost 29% of your week.  29% spent in an unhappy state, without any external factors influencing whether it would otherwise be a good or bad day.


Let me add a disclaimer here – I am by no means discounting the real mental health issues that people suffer from.  I am not here telling you that positive thoughts will cure depression or severe anxiety.  That is nonsense.  If you have mental health issues, I implore you to seek the kind of mental health supports that you need to live a happy and productive life.  Embrace the therapy, drugs, practices and programs that lend themselves to your mental wellbeing.  For those of you who are suffering with mental health, I simply offer that practicing mindful positivity is not going to be a negative – and that is true for anyone.


Don’t get me wrong.  I’m not saying that sometimes we don’t all have shitty days, where it just isn’t going to be the best.  Those happen.  This is life after all, and life is not all roses and chocolates.  But I feel like that is the bigger point in this conversation – you are already bound to have shitty days in your life, so why, WHY would you create more shitty days for yourself based on nothing?


I know this would be the time where someone would interject that they have a valid reason to hate Mondays.  Perhaps it’s because they hate their job.  The don’t like the class they have on Monday.  The commute is always longer because of traffic snarls.  To that I say – don’t let these be validation to hate Monday, rather, let this be motivation to fix those parts of your life that aren’t bringing you joy.


You don’t like your job?  Find a new job.  You are not obligated to stay in the job or career you are in if you don’t love it.  You don’t need to Jerry Maguire it and quit instantly, but get your ducks in a row and begin the hunt for a job you love, that fulfills you, that satisfies you and let’s you feel hyped up about going in to work every day.  I hate to be the bearer of bad news here, but you are likely going to need to work for the majority of your life, so again, don’t choose something that will make you miserable and feed the negativity in your life 40 hours a week.


You don’t like the class you have on Monday?  Take time to reflect why.  Is it the time of the class?  The professor?  The person who chews on their nails beside you?  Figure out what the negative is and then work to change it.  See if there is another class time you can take.  A different professor.  Choose a different seat.  If that doesn’t work, reframe the fact that a class you are taking is TEMPORARY.  You are only going to need to go for a set determined number of days, so take joy from the fact that it will end.  Treat yourself on those days to a snack or a special coffee to perk your positivity level UP.  Don’t let the negative win.


Long commute on Monday?  Always seems to be traffic issues?  Embrace it.  Plan to leave your house so you won’t be rushed, take a coffee and a snack with you and use that time productively.  Find a radio show, a podcast, an audiobook or some music you love and use that time as you time.  You just gained a whole window of productive space where you can enjoy being alone with yourself.  Embrace it.  Reframe it as positive that you get that mental break before your day starts, or before you get home at the end of the day.  Suddenly things will be much shinier. 



I celebrate Monday.  Don’t @ me.  Mondays are amazing.  I am rested from my weekend and I have a fresh, shiny new week to tackle and enjoy.  It’s a fresh slate each week, and that is GLORIOUS.  I love waking up on a Monday because I’m not yet tired from the grind of the week, and I feel pretty powerful knowing I can shape my week however I please.  I take ownership over my attitude and my mood and I choose to make it positive.  I choose to find good, even in the parts I don’t love. 


For example, I hate getting up early.  I really, really don’t like being woken up by an alarm.  But I CHOOSE to get up 45 minutes earlier than I would realistically need to, to get myself to work on time.  Because I really love having time in the morning to be slow and quiet.  I love getting to have a cup of coffee quietly on my couch with my dog and my cats, and maybe read a chapter of my book.  I love getting to see the sun rise.  I love that by the time I am getting ready for the day, I’m fully awake and mentally in a space where I can start cultivating a good mood.  I take steps to make this all work for me; I go to bed at a reasonable hour, I choose an alarm sound that wakes me up gently (crashing waves and birds for the win!), I give myself 5 minutes in bed after I wake up to lay there and have a snuggle with my pup, and then I choose to get up and embrace the quiet start to the day.  I could wake up grumbling and annoyed that I have to go to work – but I don’t.  I own my attitude, and I choose happy. 


Also.  I celebrate Mondays because I am goddamn grateful to have those days in my life.  I am healthy, happy and ALIVE.  Do you realize what a gift a full day of life, boring and uneventful as it may be, really is?  Do you stop to think of those who are sick, dying or losing a loved one that would kill for another boring, “crappy” Monday in their life?  If you had this one last week of your life, would you be pissed off that today was a Monday?


Let’s start a new trend – lets start the Monday Gratitude movement, and let’s reclaim Monday as a day of joy in our lives. 


I am begging you all, please, PLEASE stop hating this massive chunk of your life.  Please find a way to reframe it so that you are beginning your week on a positive note.  I promise you, it will make a tremendous difference in your life – just try it and see.


As Gord Downie would say “No dress rehearsal, this is our life.”


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